Fraud and Scam Alert

How To Avoid Lottery Scams

Thank you for visiting our Fraud and Scam Alert page.
The FreeLotto® customer care team has been receiving many inquiries concerning fraudulent win notifications that purport to be coming from FreeLotto, and we have tips on how to avoid lottery scams.

Scam emails and SMS

These emails and/or SMS (text) messages (also known "Spoof" or "phishing" emails and texts because they deliberately fake the appearance of well known companies in attempts to commit identify theft) promise to pay FreeLotto® prizes and may include our name, logo, and links to our website.

You should not send any money or personal information to anyone claiming to contact you in an effort to collect money in exchange for a prize.

These emails and/or SMS messages are NOT from FreeLotto® or any of our affiliated companies. The sender of the message you received is not employed or affiliated with FreeLotto® or any of our associates.

Fraud and Scam Alert!
Important FreeLotto Facts
  • FreeLotto® will NEVER charge you, ask you to send in money, or require payment in order to claim a prize.
  • These emails and/or SMS messages may claim the recipient won a prize playing one of the FreeLotto® games or a non-existing version of our games.
  • The authors of these emails are illegally misappropriating the FreeLotto® name, logo and website.
  • FreeLotto® does not send emails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or any mail account other than
  • FreeLotto® will never ask for your personal information or your banking information by email.
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Scam phone calls...
Fraud and Scam Alert!
Beware of Scam Phone Calls

FreeLotto® does not engage in telephone marketing. We contact our major prize winners by mail and we'll never telephone ahead to discuss your winnings. If you receive a phone call from someone purporting to be from FreeLotto® and requesting that you send in money in order to claim a prize, you're advised to end the call and contact your local consumer protection officials. FreeLotto® will never contact you by phone to request money in order to claim a prize.

Fraud and Scam Alert!
Report Fraudulent Emails and SMS Texts

If you believe that you have received a fraudulent message or if you are a victim of fraud, please contact us immediately and send a copy of the scam message to We also advise you to contact your local consumer protection officials or the National Fraud Center at You may also submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission at their website:

If you reside in United Kingdom we also suggest that you report the fraudulent message to the ActionFraud website, which provides information about fraud and internet crime. They will forward these fraudulent messages to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau run by the City of London Police for collation and analysis. This will enable crucial intelligence to be gathered and preventative action to be taken. The activity will seek to disrupt the fraudsters and close down the links between them and the victim.

Watch for fake social media pages
Fraud and Scam Alert!
Beware of Fake Social Media Pages

Please be aware that FreeLotto® only operates the following social media pages:

Fraud and Scam Alert!
How to Protect Yourself

If you get a text or an email that's unsolicited or from an unidentifiable source, protect yourself with these tips:

  • If the message appears to be from a legitimate source, contact that source's main phone number — not the number provided in the text — and verify. Legitimate businesses, such as banks, do not send out texts that elicit a response.
  • Delete messages from unknown sources without reading.
  • Do not click on links or download apps from an unverified source.
  • Never provide sensitive information to an unverified texter or email sender.
  • Add security software to your mobile phone and/or computer.
  • Contact your phone provider and alert it to the messages you've been receiving.

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